Kelly Sidoryk

Kelly Sidoryk

Igniting Growth

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Kelly ranches with her family near the border city of Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan. They also have operations near Victoire, Sask. and Maidstone, Sask. Her experiences in the ag community have led to a career running their own livestock operation as well as working with families, organizations and individuals to help enhance their situations. When considering the resources of land, finances and people she places emphasis on the β€œpeople” component. So many in agriculture have strengths in production and finances but the softer human needs are often overlooked but so important as we work on transitioning operations and transforming lives. She believes that all of us are meant to grow and develop and embraces the opportunity to work with others in this way. The opportunities in agriculture are endless and assisting others to actualize their visions is one of the pieces she most enjoys.

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"We worked with Kelly one-on-one and she helped us to gain more clarity on what we wanted and we put together practical steps to put into action. We really enjoyed working with Kelly and we highly recommend her!"

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In addition to their family ranching operation and facilitating, Kelly has been active in the local community. She has been part of KT & Company which has organized local events including Harvest Feastival - a local food event; Cowgirl Yoga - a retreat; and the Inspiring Women Conference - a personal/professional development day for women. She has worked with the local Regional Business Accelerator to conduct succession planning workshops for families in business. She is currently past chair of the Holistic Management International board out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and has hosted a number of Open Gate field days. Kelly has also written for various ag publications. Whether speaking to large groups, facilitating workshops or working one on one with families her down to earth approach is engaging and applicable to those navigating through change.