Kelly Sidoryk
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"We had taken a Holistic Management course and we knew what our goals were, but we needed some extra help with the specifics of putting together our farm business plan and planning our next steps. We worked with Kelly one-on-one and she helped us to gain more clarity on what we wanted and we put together practical steps to put into action. We really enjoyed working with Kelly and we highly recommend her!"

/  Mike & Monika Benoit  /


" We have known and admired Kelly and her family since 1993. She along with her parents  have been a foundation for Holistic Management  and have been a wealth of information to many farmers, ranchers, and urban business people. When we at Tamara Ranch wished to bring along two other couples to expand what we were doing on the land Kelly came and spent three days with us to facilitate how to figure where we wanted to go and how we were going to get there. We developed mission statements as well as personal and corporate goals that by in large are still our guiding principals today. She is a great communicator and a valuable resource to anyone who may want to change the way they do business."

/  Tom and Margaret Towers  /